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K-12 Schools, Healthcare, Corporate and School Intercom and Paging Systems

K-12 Soundvision offers design build and installation services for new schools, businesses and healthcare facilities using quality Valcom Inc. and Valcom Engineered Solutions paging and intercom equipment. Valcom V-2924 DualPath or Multipath system, Class Connection ES, and IP6000 Systems are supported by K-12 Soundvision. K-12 Soundvision supports traditional analog paging and intercom systems as well as full IP intercoms, IP school intercoms, IP healthcare IP overhead paging systems, IP mass notification systems. K-12 Soundvision offers include design build solutions for new locations and retrofit solutions for all intercom and paging systems. Our highly trained technicians install, repair or service Valcom, NEC, Bogen, Raulands, DuKane, Executone, Simplex, Telcor, TOA, Teradon and more. K-12 Soundvision utilizes paging technologies of 25 Volt, 70 Volt, 45 Ohm, self amplified, VoIP and SIP for our solutions. Our knowledge of paging and intercom systems allow K-12 Soundvision to repair or expand all manufacturers systems. Have an obsolete or manufacturer discontinued system, K-12 Soundvision can expand it to another building, add speakers to it, repair it, upgrade it , while protecting investment in speakers and cabling. Our IP school intercom, IP paging system, IP Healthcare and IP mass notification systems have storage for recorded audio files .wav files and Text to Speech files. Our customers utilize .wav files and text to speech files for mass notification of lockdowns, bad weather announcements, evacuations, district-wide, campus wide announcements and instructions. Our systems elevate speaker audio to get your attention for emergency messages. K-12 Soundvision free consulting can assist you to extend your intercom, paging, mass notification system to extend your critical message to visual signs, marquee signs, interrupt TV broadcasts, send text messages, outcall to phones, leave voice messages, send emails, call 911 and more.



Hosted telephone systems, VoIP phone systems, SIP Compliant Phone Systems, IP Centrex, IP PBX, traditional PBX’s and analog and digital telephone systems easily integrate with our school intercoms, healthcare paging system, and mass notification. Integration allows all phones on the system if desired to make pages and emergency announcements. Integration also allows cell phones, iPads, tablets, Wi-Fi phones, cordless phones, smart phones to launch messages and emergency messages. The systems are also browser based allowing computers, and tablets both IOS and Android to launch announcements.


Two-way Communications

K-12 Soundvision intercoms offer two-way communications for answer back capabilities to a paging message. Talkback works with a speaker switching to a listening mode enabling it to act like a microphone. Talkback creates efficiencies by being able to respond to a message from anywhere in the room without going to another device. The speaker is microprocessor controlled. When in two way mode a privacy tone is emitted every few seconds to let you know it is listening. Another application of the talkback mode is for school safety and security. Depressing a button on a phone in security will put the speaker in a sound surveillance mode to listen for activity in an area after hours or during an emergency.


Synchronized Clocks

K-12 Soundvision offers design build solutions and services for synchronized clock systems. Synchronized clocks are an essential part of a School intercom system, paging system and mass notification system for schools, healthcare and corporate work places. Synchronized clocks utilize the US Governments NIST time source more commonly called Atomic time. Synchronized clocks with a school bell schedule keep student class changes on time providing efficient class changes, start of school day and more. Synchronized clocks in the work place create an environment where company meetings start on time, eliminating time wasted waiting for everyone to show up for the meeting and thereby increasing productivity. K-12 Soundvision can retrofit and utilize your existing synchronized clock system with a school intercom, commercial paging system retrofit solution.


Bell Schedule

K-12 Soundvision traditional and IP based paging and intercom systems can provide unlimited bell schedules such as normal day, half day and assembly day and more. On a commercial system bell schedules sometimes called break buzzer systems keep employees on time for break and shift changes. K-12 Soundvision’s free consultation can assist you in making the right selections for your school, healthcare facility or commercial workplace.


Sound masking

K-12 Soundvision can assist your enterprise with a sound masking solution that is appropriate for you. Sound masking utilizes white noise or pink noise to reduce the background noise in your work place. Sound masking reduces stress, fatigue while improving work productivity and customer satisfaction. Sound masking also provides privacy of patient information for HIPPA regulations in your healthcare facility, privacy of your employee information in your Human Resources in your enterprise, and privacy of your customer information in your financial facility.


Background music

K-12 Soundvision can design and deliver a background music solution for your office. Background music uses noise cancellation to provide a pleasant workplace and customer experience. Noise cancellation of office conversations, office equipment noise, and highway noise are a few examples where background music would make your office a pleasant workplace. Regardless of music source, please check all regulations for copyright and rebroadcast of music in your area and use licensed music.



Jon H.

Jack did a fantastic job of providing me with the options that made sense for my business. He let me know what to expect and how my decisions today could impact my needs in the future. A true partner in helping me find the right communication solutions.


Spas Man

K12 Soundvision helped our school, St. Gregory, after our phone lines went down due to a monsoon and required for us to get a new phone system. They were swift, knowledgeable and our new phone system has been working great. I would highly recommend K12 soundvision for any of your paging or phone needs. Thanks K12!


Steve C.

We recently had a master clock time system installed by Jack Andre and his technician Sam. We could not be more pleased with their installation and their technical expertise. We will definitely use their services for any future electronic or communications installations at our facility.
Dash Designs Inc.


Chris H.

Upgrades to an existing NEC phone system, job done faster than estimated, certified technician super knowledgeable, friendly too. I plan on using them again as need arises. 2 thumbs up!!


Chad W.

I have known Jack for nearly 2 years and would highly recommend him as an industry leader in providing audio-visual solutions to any business. He has over 30 years of experience in the audio-visual technology sector and is attuned to the complex and often changing landscape of the business. His company is committed to delivering high quality products and outstanding customer service through honesty and transparency. If you are looking for someone to provide communication solutions at the right price, there is no one that I would more highly recommend. K-12 is the best.


Lee W.

Jack and his team are true craftsmen in every sense of the word. From concept to design to implementation, there were no gaps or problems that had not been, already anticipated. I was put at ease from the very start with the professionalism displayed and the attention to detail considered. I appreciated the interview to understand not just what I wanted but what was needed and for how long. Jack took ownership of delivering the finest quality products, (extensive product research) and service that WOWED, both my wife and myself. I have used K-12 for my business and home needs. I would give my highest grade to you and your company and sincere thanks for the exceptional service and passionate commitment to our projects. I highly recommend this company to all.


Trent W.

K 12 Soundvision can do amazing things with phones, TVs, and audio systems. They are in the loop on all the new communications related technologies and can offer really cool phone and TV systems for business clients. They provided my business phone system where I can direct calls to ring at my home office, at my business location, or on my cell phone. All I do is hit a button and I can change where my calls go. Plus, I can call from my cell phone and have the “caller id” on the person I am calling show my business phone number rather than my cell phone number. On top of that, the price is very affordable. If your business is interested in exploring phone, TV, display boards, intercoms, or clock systems, give K12 a shot.