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03K-12 Soundvision offers complete VoIP and SIP solutions for telecommunications and paging. Design build services for your school, business, or healthcare facility are offered. K-12 Soundvision will assist you in selection of the best telecommunication system for you. Hosted VoIP systems called IP Centrex are provided to you with the VoIP phones completely programmed and ready for plug and play installation on your data network. The VoIP phones come in various models to provide highly effective tools for personnel. Please call for a free consultation to select the best phone for your use.

VoIP IP Centrex phones share the computer cabling to your work station reducing cabling costs. IP Centrex offers almost all of the features of premised based systems. Auto Attendant, voice mail, voicemail to email, conference calling, call transfer, intercom calling, call recording, speed dialing, twinning, call forwarding, mobile extension, and more. Financial advantages of IP Centrex are: Low upfront costs, low installation costs, 1 internal cabling network. IP Centrex phones require Gigabit POE data switches or use of a POE injector to power the phone. The features for your VoIP phone are housed on a server located in the cloud.


05IP PBX systems use SIP (internet phone lines) that connect to your premise based server at your facility. The IP PBX server connects to the Ethernet network and provides services to VoIP, Digital, Analog phones and integrated systems. The IP PBX server and phones offer all of the features and benefits of IP Centrex along with all of the interfaces for paging, fax machines, credit card machines, call recording, nurse call, postage machines, property management (POS) for integration in a unified communication solution. IP PBX VoIP phones share the computer cabling reducing cabling costs. Digital and Analog phones require separate cabling and often reuses the existing cabling in buildings. IP PBX systems offer greater reliability and dependability than IP Centrex. In the event of an Internet failure, the IP PBX phones can still call each other providing vital communication across the enterprise.

06Our IP Centrex, IP PBX systems with VoIP or SIP lines provide FREE long distance, Call Forwarding, 911 Service, Directory Listing, and Auto Failover.

Contact K-12 Soundvision, LLC for a free consultation to determine which solution is the best for your school, healthcare facility, hotel/ motel or business.