Bell Schedule Equipment Clock Systems

10Keep your students, faculty or staff on time with a bell schedule clock system from K12Soundvision.com. Our systems provide K-12 schools or industrial facilities intercom and paging bell systems that keep your scheduling needs functioning in a timely manner. Contact us today for a bell schedule system.

Bell Schedule Clocks

Our Bell schedules and clocks keep your students and staff on time. Bell schedules and clocks are synchronized via the Internet. Accurate start times and dismissal times provide orderly movement of student and faculty class changes while eliminating loitering. Business use of clock systems promote on time meetings for staff and clients alike, promoting a professional atmosphere. Industrial use of clocks provides orderly shift changes, breaks, and lunch hours, while increasing productivity. We offer a complete line of Wireless and Wired Clocks. All clocks are available with a Digital or Analog face. And come in various sizes.

Wireless Clocks

Installation of Wireless clocks is quick and easy and can be client installed. Simply plug the base station into an Ethernet RJ45 data jack and hang clocks on the walls. Clocks synchronize to US Government NIST time system daily. Battery Life is 4+ years. No FCC license is required.

Wired Clocks

Our Wired Clocks utilize CAT3 to CAT6 UTP cabling. In many cases this cabling is surplus or abandoned telephone/computer cabling. Our wired clocks synchronize with the US Government NIST time system daily.


We offer a complete set of clock accessories as well. Most common are dual mounts and protective cages. Control Devices are available to lock and unlock doors, gates, turn on and off lighting, heating, and air conditioning

Installation Services, Technical Support and Service Agreements are available.